1914 – Kelly’s Directory

Cotton End and Far Cotton formerly hamlets in this parish, were incorporated in the Borough of Northampton for parliamentary purposes in 1868 and constituted the civil parish of Far Cotton under the “Local Government act 1894”. In pursuance of the “Local Government Board Provisional Orders Confirmation (No. 14) Act 1900” which came into operation 9th November 1900, the greater paer of Far Cotton civil parish was added to the municipal borough of Northampton, the remainder being annexed to Hardingstone.

Abbey Road Far Cotton Towcester rd to Oxford st
North side
33 Adams Miss Dorris, music teacher
35 Gilkes Mrs Ellen tailoress
43 Wright Wm cabinet mkr
43 Wright Miss Edith shopkpr
43 Wright Frederick, deputy registrar of births & deaths
… here is delapre st
57 Elliot George Wm. Shopkeeper
105 Minards Miss Alice shopkeeper
South side
St Mary church and Ambulance station
26 Pitt Alfred Butcher
… here is Delapre St …
Baptist Church
40 Gilkes Miss Kate Draper
64 Birdseye John, confectionr

Bridge Street Cotton End, Continuation of Bridge Street to London Road
East Side
Midland RAilway Goods Offices, Percy L. Gold Agent
Midland Railway Coal & Goods Depot
Nunn, Browne & Co. Coal merchants
Roomson W & Son, coal merchants
Gillson George, coal mer
Branson Mrs. M. S. china &c dealer
Old White Hart, chas Joseph Branson
… here the railway crosses
West Side
6&7 Rose Ernest, grocer
Pomfret Arms P.H. James Spalding
Trenery E. T. & Sons, timber merchants
16 Harris Alfred, beer retailer
… here is old towcester rd
Cordy Fred Cuthbert
London & North Western Station (Philip Haines, station master)
London & North Western Railway Co.’s Inquiry Office
London & North Western Railway Co.’s Goods Depot
Oulton Wm. Sack Contractor
Wall Letter Box
… here the railway crosses 
Clinton road Far Cotton Towcester rd to Delapre st
1 Clinton Arms PH Joseph Charles Pryor
13 Wilkins Fred, parish clerk of St Marys
Waring John, builder
Betts tom, boot repairer
20 Pittam Jabez Shopkpr
62 Ayris Thos Wm. butcher

Delapre Street Far Cotton Main road to Rothersthorpe rd
West side
2 James Herbert Eli, beer rtlr
30 Harte Chas, cab. proprietor
… here is Letts road …
50 Clifton Harry, baker
… here is abbey road …
52 Wright Saml beer retailer
54 Wadwell John Chas grngro
76 Wesley John Wm, dairyman
… here is Thirlstane rd …
100 Barratt Mrs Eliz grocer
East side
33 Edens Chas Jas, shopkeeper
59 Ayres Bernard hairdresser
… here is clinton rd …
61 Sephton Mrs Clara news agent Post MO&T Office
65A langley George butcher
… here are Abbey & Thirlstane roads …

Euston road Far Cotton
Towcester rd to London rd
South Side
17 James George Boot repair
19 Wreford Silvanus, carman
57 Buxton Thos greengrocer
59 Edwards William, butcher
119 Police and Fire Station (Herbert Wooding Sgt in charge)
North side
42 Welsh Frank Ed Painter
58 Bartle Reginald FRCO professor of music
84 William George boot repr
98 & 100 Powell John E. mineral water manufactr

Henley Street Main rd to Letts street
East side
1 Stanton Mrs Mary Ann shopkeeper
13 Langley Geo smith butcher
West side
40 Gilkes Walter dairyman
Primitive methodist chapel
46 Gammage william baker

Letts Road Far Cotton Delapre st to Oxford st
South side
11 Watts George, boot maker
18 Collins John Fredk grocer
North side
Cockerill Piott, grocer

London Road Cotton end 
East side
Tomkins Jn horse slaughterer
Blackwell & son, mechanical engineers
Ransome Mototr Co. Ltd. automobile engineers
West side
2 Henson John
4 Samuel College Street
6 Dunkerley James Benj
8 Lamberton William
12 Allchin William Thomas
… here is Euston rd …
14 Loones Ernest Robert
16 Mucklet Charles
18 Roles Charles Thomas
20 Cockerill Thomas Ernest
22 Tarry Mrs
24 Field William
28 Nicholas George
30 Nurser Albert Edward
32 Cordy Fred Cuthburt
… here is Southampton rd …
38 Tinkler Percy Mathias
40 Knight William Harry
42 Kingston Harry John
44 Walter Alfred Edwin
46 White Ernest
48 Watts John
50 Fuller Frederick
52 Chaplain Frederick

Main Road Far Cotton
North side
Crown Foundry Co. Ltd iron founders
South side
Council school
Far Cotton Working Mans Club and Institute (Alfred A Labrim sec)
7 Short Mrs Alice wardrobe dealr
… here is delapre st …
Puttman James Butcher 
…here are Henley Rickard and Oxford sts …
Ashcroft Arthur farm bailiff to (exors of ) P Phipps (Brier hill)
Hughes Mrs Briar Hill

Old Towcester road Cotton end
North side
London & North Western Railway Station Yard
Ward J & Son, asphalters
Anglo american oil co Ltd
British Pretroleum co Ltd
L&NW Railways Co’s public weighing machine
21 Wooloff William
L&NW railway cos Loding house for drivers Firemen & guards (Mrs Emily Jane Winn matron)
Roughton Harry beer retailr

Oxford Street Far Cotton Main rd to rothersthorpe rd
West side
74 Roberts William dairy
78 Side Miss Amy dress mk
80 Stanton Gerorge Enoch, builder
84 Howard Miss Florence dress maker
100 Weekley Mrs Ellen grocer
East side
39 Austin Thomas bshopkeeper
53 Stiles Francis beer retailer

Rickard St Far Cotton Main rd to High st
East side
1 Rose and Crown PH Charles Hills
27 Webb Jsph chimney swp
51 Watts Mrs Emilly Maria beer rtlr
West side
2 Ward Frederick grocer

Rothersthorpe Rd Far Cotton Towcester road to Oxford Street
Bird Geo Alfred, commercial traveller (Mona Cottage)
… here is Delapre Street
2 Bennett Reginald, relieving officer & registrar of births & deaths

St Leonards Rd Far Cotton (Late New Towcester road)
North side
1 Ashords Fredk Chas Chemist
7 Jackson Alfred Tailor
33 Fuller John w plumber
59 Grimes Ernst insur agt
61 Ford Frederick grocer
75 Pakes Henry greengrocer
79 Clayson Walter Greengrcr
83 Allen Thos & Son painters
85 Horn alfred J confectionr
87 Jenner Issac R Beer Rtlr
89 Coles anthony fishmonger
93 Brabner Miss Isabel S draper
107 Ekins William boot maker
121 Bew charles hair dresser
125 Knight H J & A C clothers
127 Eastmans Ltd butchers
129 Northampton Co-operative Society Ltd grocers
South side
26 Peach Mrs Eliz Mary Draper
66 Craddocks Amos G boot repairer
76 Christy Wilfred grocer Town Sub Post & MO office
92 Wake Owen G baker
100 Clarke Fredk cycle repairer
106 Hewins Albert butcher
108 and 110 Morton L B draper
120 Yorke Mrs Sarah draper
130 Morley Wm Wood Turner

Southampton Road Far cotton Towcester rd to london rd
North side
2 Walker Miss Emma shpkpr
58 Slater Charles Robt, grocer
South side
141 Taylor Henry shopkeeper
59 Frampton Charles George beer retailer

Thirlstane road Far Cotton Towcester rd to Oxford st
… here is delapre st …
22 Adams Arthur shopkeeper

Towcester rd Far Cotton
22 Danby Charles Frederick
26 Slecther Frank Edwin
…here is clinton rd …
36 Atkins Arthur, Butcher
38 Warwick George Chimney Sweep
40 Marriot John
42 Webb Miss Lil May teacher of music
50 Wareing Jn Christr bldr
…here is Abbey rd …
St Mary chruch
Riddell rev Robert James BA vicar
…here is Thirlestane Road …
Park view
1 Botterill Thomas
3 Jones George
4 French George
5 Owen Thomas Richard
6 Dibb James
7 Burrell George
8 Garrett Charles
9 Wilford Mrs
10 Eves George
11 Cherry John William
12 Thompson George Herbert
13 Smith Mervyn
14 Foxon Joseph
15 Warren Mrs
16 Warren Ernset Charles
17 Tinker Mrs
18 Hall Francis Cecil
19 Bird Mrs
…East side
3 Rust George Green grcr

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