1910 – Kelly’s Directory

The ecclesiastical district of St Mary was formed October 29th 1875, out of the parish of Hardingstone and comprises Cotton End and Far Cotton: the church of St. Mary, at Far Cotton completed in 1885 from designs by the late Mr M. H. Holding, architect of Northampton, is a building of local stone with Bath stone dressings, in a modified form of early English gothic, consisting of an apsidal chancel with north aisle and vestry, nave of six large bays with clerestory, aisles, north and south porches and a tower with a spire contating two bells: there are sttings for 490 persons. The register dates from the year 1875. The living is a vicarage, net yearly value £200 with residence, in the gift of the Bishop of Peterborough, and held since 1906 by the Rev. Robert James Riddell BA of the Royal University of Ireland.

Far Cotton Methodist Chapel erected in 1888 of red brick will set 200 persons

Councillors Far Cotton Ward
John Christopher Warren retired 1910
Joseph Rogers retired 1911
Edward Lewis retired 1912

Places of Worship
St Marys Far Cotton Rev Robert James Riddell BA Vicar. Rev Horace Smith curate 8 & 11 am & 2:45 & 6:30 pm daily 9:30am & 7:30 pm; hurs 8 am
Baptist Abbey Road Rev W Powell MA 11am and 6:15 pm
Primitive Methodist 2nd Circuit Rev Henry Pickett (supt) Rev John Guy supernumerary Henley St 2:30 & 6pm tues 7:30 pm

Far Cotton Main Road school (boys, girls and infants) built in 1875; enlarged in 1892 and 1897 for 360 boys, 350 girls and 353 infants; average attendance 286 boys, 278 girls and 245 infants; George jones master ; Miss Emily Louisa Brown mistress; Emma Burrell, infants mistress

Abbey Road Far Cotton Towcester rd to Oxford st
North side
35 Gilkes Mrs Ellen tailoress
43 Wright Wm cabinet mkr
43 Wright mrs Jane shopkpr
43 Wright Frederick, deputy registrar of births & deaths
45 Wadwell Chas. greengrocer
47 Bond Harry, fried fish dealer
… here is delapre st
75 Wignell Miss Mabel teacher of music
105 Warren Mrs Maria E shopkeeper
South side
St Mary church and Ambulance station
26 Pitt Alfred Butcher
… here is Delapre St …
40 Gilkes Miss Kate Draper
40 gilkes Arthur , pianoforte tutor
54 Bignell William, confectnr
64 Birdseye John, confectionr

Clinton road Far Cotton Towcester rd to Delapre st
1 Clinton Arms PH Joseph Charles Pryor
13 Wilkins Fred, parish clerk of St Marys
Betts tom, boot repairer
20 Burrows Edwin Jn Shopkpr
62 Ayris Thos Wm. butcher

Delapre Street Far Cotton Main road to Rothersthorpe rd
West side
2 James Herbert Eli, beer rtlr
4 Elliot Geo Wm dairyman
30 Horton James, jobmaster
… here is Letts road …
… here is abbey road …
50 Clifton Harry, baker
52 Wright Saml beer retailer
76 Hill Owen, dairyman
… here is Thirlstane rd …
100 Barratt Mrs Eliz grocer
East side
33 Adrian Bartholomew, shopkeeper
59 Gibbs William hairdresser
… here is clinton rd …
61 Sephton Mrs Clara news agent Post MO&T Office
67 langley George butcher
… here are Abbey & Thirlstane roads …

Euston road Far Cotton
Towcester rd to London rd
57 Buxton Thos greengrocer
59 Slater Charles Robt grocer
58A Bartle Reginald FRCO professor of music
84 Adams Victor insur agt
98 & 100 Powell John E. mineral water manufactr
119 Police and Fire Station (Herbt Wooding officer in charge)
147 Watts Albert G painter

Henley Street Main rd to Letts street
East side
1 Stanton Mrs Mary Ann shopkeeper
13 Langley Geo smith butcher
West side
Wesley John (exors of) dairyman
Primitive methodist chapel
46 Gammago william baker

Letts street Far Cotton Delapre st to Oxford st
South side
11 Watts George, boot maker
13 Dudley E ham ^ beef shop
16 Collins John Fredk grocer
North side
Magretts Arth John grocer

London Road Cotton end 
East side
Tomkins Jn horse slaughterer
Blackwell & son, mechanical engineers
West side
2 Henson John
4 Street Samuel College
6 Tinkler Percy Mathias
8 Hairsman Charles
12 Allchin William Thomas
… here is Euston rd …
14 Gibbins Edward
16 Mucklet Charles
20 Cockerill thomas E
22 Smith Frederick
24 Guy Rev John [Primitive methodist]
26 Currall William Joseph R
28 Kilsby James
30 Day Miss E
30 Smith Rev Thomas [curate of St Mary]
32 Provident Association of London Ltd (Alfred Cox district manager)
… here is Southampton rd …
38 Clipsotne Edward, school attendance officer
40 Knight William Harry
42 Kingston Harry John
44 Marriott Henry, hay and straw merchant
46 White Ernest
48 Watts John
50 Fuller Frederick
52 Chaplain Frederick

Main Road Far Cotton
North side
Phipps Pickering (exors of) railway wagon works
South side
Council school
Far Cotton Working Mans Club and Institute (Alfred A Labrim sec)
7 Short Mrs Alice wardrobe dealr
… here is delapre st …
Puttman James Butcher 
…here are Henley Rickard and Oxford sts …
Blackwell John farm bailiff to (exors of ) P Phipps (Brier hill)

Old Towcester road Cotton end
North side
London & North Western Railway Station Yard
Ward J & Son, tar paving contractor
Anglo american oil co Lim
Fisher John coal merchant
Greenough Rand Scoal mer
Wreford Silvanus coal mer
L&NW Railways Co’s public wighing machine
21 Wooloff William
L&NW railway cos Loding house for drivers Firemen & guards (Mrs Emily Jane Winn matron)
Seabridge Jsph beer retailr

Oxford Street Far Cotton Main rd to rothersthorpe rd
West side
74 Roberts William dairy
78 Side Miss Amy dress mk
80 Stanton Gerorge Enoch, builder and contractor
84 Howard Miss Florence dress maker
100 Weekley Mrs Ellen grocer
106 Marks Alfd Jn insur agt
East side
39 Austin Thomas bshopkeeper
53 Stiles Francis beer retailer

Rickard St Far Cotton Main rd to High st
East side
1 Rose and Crown PH Charles Hills
15 Tompkins Mrs Dress mkr
27 Webb Jsph chimney swp
51 Spokes Mrs Emily beer rtlr
West side
2 Ward Frederick grocer
Rothersthrope road far cotton Towcester rd to Oxford st
Bird Geo Alfred comercial traveller (Mona cottage)
… here is Delapre st…
2 Bennett Reginald relieving officer & registrar of deaths and births

Rothersthorpe Rd Far Cotton Towcester road to Oxford Street
Bird Geo Alfred, commercial traveller (Mona Cottage)
… here is Delapre Street
2 Bennett Reginald, relieving officer & registrar of births & deaths

St Leonards Rd Far Cotton (Late New towcester road)
North side
1 Ashords Fredk Chas Chemist
3 Higgins Thomas
5 Maishar Mrs
7 Jackson Alfred Tailor
37 Fuller John w plumber
61 Ford Frederick grocer
75 Pakes Henry greengrocer
79 Quinton David pork butcher
85 Horn alfred J confectionr
87 Jenner Issac R shopkeeper
89 Coles anthony fishmonger
93 Brabner Miss Isabel S draper
107 Ekins William boot maker
121 Bew charles hair dresser
125 Knight H J * A C clothers
127 Eastmans Ltd butchers
129 Northampton Co-operative Society Ltd grocers
South side
66 Craddocks Amos G boot repairer
74 Frost Albt Edwd butcher
76 Christy Wilfred groer Post MOSB Annuity and Insurance office
92 Wake Owen G baker
100 Clarke Fredk cycle repairer
106 Perkins Oliver butcher
108 and 110 Morton L B draper
120 Yorke Mrs Sarah draper
132 Kilby Alfd gas mantle dealer
142 Turner Fred tchr of music

Southampton Road Far cotton Towcester rd to london rd
2 Walker Miss Emma shpkpr
16 Wright mrs Sarah coal dlr
18 Bonsor Alfred shopkeeper
141 Taylor Henry shopkeeper
Frampton Charles George beer retailer

Thirlstane road Far Cotton Towcester rd to Oxford st
… here is delapre st …
22 Adams Arthur shopkeeper
46 Harding James boot repr
54 Jeffcoate Mrs E dress ma

Towcester rd Far Cotton
Crown Foundry Co Ltd O Mobbs manager
22 Kew Frederick Anothony
24 French George
26 Pullen Horace
…here is clinton rd …
London Central Meat co Ltd
42 Webb Miss Lil May teacher of music
50 Wareing Jn Christr bldr
…here is Abbey rd …
St Mary chruch
Riddell rev Robert James BA vicar
Park view
1 Botterill Thomas
2 Izod Miss
3 Jones George
4 Blakesly Nathaniel
5 Owen Thomas Richard
6 Dibb James
7 Burrell George
8 Garrett Charles
9 Wilford Mrs
10 Eves George
11 Cherry John William
12 Thompson George Herbert
13 Smith Mervyn
14 Foxon Joseph
15 Cornelius Samuel
16 Wesley charles
17 Tinker Mrs
18 Newbury Joseph
19 Bird Mrs

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